We are looking for digital, future-proof stories where we can see growth potentials exceeding industry averages.
Members of our team unite a diverse set of experiences from a wide range of industries and fields to enable founders and mature companies to make a global impact.
Partner with us and start a journey of making global impact
We are looking for disruptive technological or business innovation in the making.

Who are we looking for?

With our venture arm, we are seeking to team up with startups who already have a minimum viable product and can show signs of early traction. We have a soft spot for entrepreneurs who know the ins and outs of their business, are determined to change things for the better on the large scale, yet remain humbled by the challenges and work that lies ahead of them. Founders with a global vision are welcome anywhere. We are already invested in AI, FinTech, Cybersecurity, EdTech, Technology solutions. When it comes to our investments, we always strive to be lead investors, and we participate in multiple consecutive rounds.
We are looking for teams to partner up with in order to start a memorable journey together. To leave a long-lasting mark in the history of innovation, our entrepreneurs need to keep responsibility and stability in mind, while concentrating on disruptive solutions. We can only offer the background to step up stage by stage and help them expand and realize their growth potential across multiple stages.